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Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

Holy mother…

…the part when he steps in front of her on the elevator and then the doors close and all you see is his back.

I just… words can’t express… wow.  My ovaries… Yowza.

*Deep breaths*

Plans are already in the works for drunken tailgating for the premiere (or during the week of the premiere) with my bad-influence-friends :)

Not Hanson Related


This story is too funny not to share, lol. I’m feeling much better today (gifs later) so I went shopping at Aldi. Now, I have a habit of making friends everywhere, I don’t know if I just have one of those friendly faces or what, but today was very interesting. I was waiting for my mom to come out…

Someone else on then planet says “buggy” too! I thought southwest PA was the only area in the US to refer to shopping carts as “buggies.” Where are you from?


This was a request but I could not find a better quality to gif :/ But the video is still enjoyable to watch.  It’s one of the best early performances of MMMbop in my opinion.  Got to love Tay’s crazy legs, lol, somethings never change.

My fave performance of Mmmbop, ever. Hands down. It’s ironic that it’s also one of the first tv appearances. Love ‘em.

To clear the air

It seems as though I’ve opened quite the can of worms with my last post.

Let me start by making it perfectly clear that I was not attempting to be “diagnosed” with a gluten allergy. I didn’t ever say that I thought my body was reacting negatively toward gluten. I did, however, ask my chiropractor friend to look at my neck (as I get frequent headaches and migraines) to see if he saw any abnormalities in my cervical spine. When he found nothing to be “abnormal” with my c-spine, he looked at my thoracic and lumbar spine and saw/felt nothing “abnormal” in those areas which would alert him to a cause of my frequent headaches. Of course, without actual X-rays of said areas, one can’t be absolutely positive. The reason why I asked him to look at my neck/back was because I’ve seen my family doctor about my headaches and he seemed to dismiss my complaints, only to ask if I wanted him to prescribe me medication to take for migraines which will essentially knock me out. I don’t want a cover-up; I want a solution.

This friend is a practicing chiropractor, who a lot of people immediately disregard as a serious profession, for 22 years. He has his doctorate degree, along with other certifications in biomechanics, kinesiology, and nutrition. He has a holistic approach toward wellness, which includes supplements, herbs, vitamins and nutrition management, as opposed to invasive or prescribed medications since those can be tough on other organs. His areas of expertise lies with extremity adjustments, flexion distractions, using the Thompson technique, the sacro-occipital technique, following the Gonstead method. Other areas that he practices include pain relief in the forms of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, nutritional and dietary recommendations, stress relieving techniques, disease prevention and acupuncture.

So, when my friend told me that he didn’t think my headaches were stemming from a skeletal or vertebral problem with my spine, such as pinched or impinged nerves, he started to think of alternative reasons for my headaches. He performed an applied kinesiology technique, which still seems weird to me, and from the result in that, he suggested that I might have a sensitivity toward gluten and should try to eliminate it from my diet.

Being ignorant on the topic, I researched it a little and saw that I do boast some of the other symptoms for non-celiac gluten sensitivity: feeling tired a lot, headaches, joint pain, feeling “foggy…”

That being said, I’m going to try cutting back the gluten in my diet. Just to see how it makes me feel. If I feel better and experience less headaches, then great. I never meant to step on the toes of people who suffer massively on a daily basis from celiac disease, nor did I mean to offend anyone by my “diagnosis.”

Make love, not war, right?

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