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kinda funny

In the last week, one of my books has done into the first phases of being published :)  How cool is that?

It was a story that I started writing when I was a teenager.  I don’t think I really ever finished it as a teenager, but when I picked it back up again as an adult, I was able to pen an ending to it.

I found out today that earlier this week, one of my old boyfriends (from when I was a teenager) just released some music.  I heard it online and it’s pretty good.  

I remember his dream was always to become a rapper.

My dream has always been to get something published.

And in the same week, both of our dreams came true.  Corny?  Maybe.  But very cool in very different worlds.

Unfamiliar Faces —a book by Noell Mosco

I am proud to announce the release of my very first novel will be on May 2, 2014!!!  It will be available for Pre-sale within the next week on Nook, iBookstore, Smashwords, Sony eReader devices, Blio, Kobo, Diesel eBook store and coming soon the Kindle.  Pre-sale price is $2.99!

I also have an interview posted on my Smashwords author page, check it out now!

Updates will be provided as soon as I receive them from my publishing vendor :)

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