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Scrapbook Saturday (one day late, but who’s counting…)

My trip to Jamaica for a Hanson event called Back to the Island. It was exclusive to fan club members. Luckily, hubby and I made friends quickly and had an even more amazing time because of them —shout out to Allyson and Isaac!— and they helped my 30th birthday roll around with ease. The next few weekends are going to feature pages from that trip and will include Hanson :)

Fall at it’s finest

Well, we are in the thick of fall time here in southwestern PA.  The trees, for the most part, have changed to their fiery colors of orange, red and yellow.  While there are still a few straggler trees that are still green, it just makes the kaleidoscope of brilliance even more beautiful… especially since green is one of my favorite colors, I can’t complain :)

I’ve taken the last week off from promoting my book, These Walls.  Last weekend, I participated in not one but TWO author takeovers on different book blogs and just felt positively exhausted.  Not only did I do the takeovers, I was battling off a cold (and ultimately failed because it claimed me as it’s victim and I inevitably had to miss a day of work because of it), and was up very late on Saturday night.  I needed the week to recover so my body could repair itself.  I also worked my day-job for the rest of the week, with Friday being the grande finale of craziness because we had two therapists off and a larger caseload.  So, I basically ran around like a chicken with its head cut off and felt utterly spent.

I’ve also made a previous post in regards to posting some scrapbook posts, taking a cue from another blog.  I’m probably going to do it, I just need to buckle down and actually do it.  Just another thing to add to the list.

My sister is pregnant and could literally pop any day.  I will becoming a first-time-aunt and I can’t quite comprehend the vastness of that statement.  Too bad she lives in California and I won’t be able to be as involved as I’d like to be. Luckily, technology is able to help bridge the gap of the entire country.

Annnnd, finally, my vacation is quickly approaching.  Did I follow through and go to the gym everyday so I could possibly lose 10-15 lbs?  Of course not.  I’m starting to come to terms with my body, though, and I’m learning to accept it and trying to embrace what I have instead of what I think I want.  So, in 12 days, I’ll be in the lovely tropical climate of Punta Cana, soaking up some precious vitamin D and doing some major relaxing.  Maybe even some writing for my next book.  

For the meantime, enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!

Hoping to remember

A blog that recently started to read ( makes one of her weekly posts about scrapbooking. As an avid scrapbooker, I’m taking inspiration by hoping to follow in her footsteps and doing the same thing. I’ll have to do it later because I’m on my lunch break at work and can’t get to my books. Now I just need to remember to actually do it on a regular basis.

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